How your money helps

Without your help, we wouldn’t be able to continue caring for young people and their families with the energy and passion that we do today. For life-limited children, hospice care really is essential.

To run our children’s hospice costs well over £3.5 million a year, and less than 7% of our funding comes from central government. Maintaining our vital services relies entirely on fundraising efforts and your generous donations.

An amazing two-thirds of your hospice charity Lottery donations are spent directly on children’s hospice care services. The other one-third goes on prize money, administration and is reinvested in recruiting more players. This compares really well to other national lottery schemes – just 28% of National Lottery and 20% of Health Lottery money goes on charitable causes.

The money raised by the Chestnut Tree House lottery covers the costs of one in every five days care provided by the hospice.  Join today – your £1 a week really does make a huge difference.

Each week, your Chestnut Tree House Lottery money helps ill children in so many ways:

£6,850 will provide for one day of all care services at Chestnut Tree House – this is the amount we have to raise every day.
£2,685 will enable us to hold a special service of remembrance for families at Christmas to remember those children who have died. Currently the hospice is supporting over 115 such families.
£2,115 will give us the opportunity to hold an activity day for teenagers.
£1,953 will give a child a 3 night break at CTH where they will receive specialist care and symptom management from our nursing team and, sadly, end of life care if it is needed. Of course they will also be able to enjoy the hydrotherapy pool, relax in the multi-sensory room and join in with a host of activities, whilst mum and dad get the chance to “recharge their batteries.”
£1,500 allows our Community Team to host a Family Day for 20 families, providing a range of activities and information for the whole family to enjoy.
£887 will allow a nurse to support a family immediately following bereavement, helping them to plan the funeral and to say their final goodbyes to their child.
£651 will allow a child to spend a night at CTH, where they will receive specialist care and symptom management from our nursing team and be able to enjoy the facilities which the hospice offers.
£285 will provide for one hour of all care services at Chestnut Tree House.
£281 allows our Community Team to visit a child at home at the weekend or during the night, often necessary when a child is very poorly. End of life care can be provided at home and whilst the support needed at this time may last for several days, our team of nurses will support the child and family throughout.
£250 allows siblings of life-limited children to attend an activity morning hosted by our therapists.
£230 gives a child the chance to visit CTH for the day and enjoy our facilities and a range of activities whilst giving mum and dad a break from the daily care.
£195 allows a member of our Community Team to provide a few hours specialist nursing care and symptom management for a life-limited child in the child’s home, allowing the parents or carers to spend quality time together.
£150 will allow a family of four to benefit from an overnight stay in one of our Family Rooms whilst their child is cared for by our specially trained nurses.
£50 will give a child the opportunity to spend an hour benefiting from a swim in our
hydrotherapy pool.
£40 will cover the costs of a session with our play therapist or Bereavement Counsellor.
£35 will enable a child to experience a magical hour in the multi-sensory room with a specially trained member of staff.
£15 will buy a DVD to enable the children to enjoy the latest movies.
£10 will buy a CD to enable a child to relax and enjoy some music.
£10 will pay for a child’s meal, tailored to their own specific dietary needs.
£8 will buy a sponge painting kit.
£5 will buy a selection of glitter pens or paints.
£4.75 pays for one minute of our care services at Chestnut Tree House.
£3 will buy a set of colouring pencils or glitter shakers.
£2 will buy a pair of scissors for use by toddlers or a pot of glue.
£1 will buy a pack of plasticine or some coloured chalks.