The Children

The children who use Chestnut Tree are all fab. Some of them love to have a chat and some can only communicate with their eyes. At lunchtime, I like to sit with the children, families and staff. It helps me to keep in touch with what is happening, but it is also a refreshing change from long and boring meetings!

Some of the children just like to sit and observe what is happening around them, some just seem to sit and giggle through the whole thing. Some like to have a chat about what they are eating and what I am eating. Some like some strange food combinations, tomato sauce on curry was a new one on me. They like to tell me what they have been doing and what they would like to do that the afternoon.

Going out and about is always popular, the beach hut is often top of the list during the summer months, and as Christmas gets closer, they often enjoy taking a trip to check out the decorations at the local garden centre. Mostly they love exploring the grounds of the House, and making the most of all the different things to do indoors.

We also often invite people come to visit, to provide workshops helping the children to make music, or bringing in cute animals to pet, or for the braver ones amongst them perhaps a snake or hairy spider to hold! There is always something going on, and it is very exciting. Their mums are often surprised at how well they sleep when they go home, but after seeing what they get up to here, I am not!