Nicola from Horsham wins £250

Nicola from Horsham was overjoyed to be told she had won £250 from the Chestnut Tree House Lottery.

“I was amazed, because this is the first time something like this has ever happened to me.  We’ve had a bit of bad luck lately so this will help us with a holiday and give us a few extra treats, like a meal out.  I also want to buy some pottery.”

Nicola was told about the Lottery a few years ago.  “I didn’t think I might win.  I just wanted to put some money towards a very good cause.

“I know how desperately difficult it is to have a seriously ill child.  And if you get some help it’s a wonderful supportive feeling.”

Chestnut Tree House uses the money raised by Lottery players to provide the best care to local children and families.  It costs just £1 a week to play and our Lottery pays for one in every four days of hospice care.

If you would like the chance to become our next Lottery winner of £1,000 – there are 22 other weekly cash prizes to be won – join here or call our team on 01903 871842.