Mark and Erica win £250!

When Mark and Erica Molyneux from Littlehampton discovered they had won £250 from the Chestnut Tree House Lottery they knew exactly what to do with the money.

Lottery winner Mark Molyneux

Mark Molyneux, Lottery winner pictured with Rebecca Harding Lottery Marketing Coordinator

Mark said: “We’re going to spend it on our dog, KC, who has not been at all well lately.  This will help us cover the vets’ bills.  KC is coming up for 14, which is about two years longer than standard poodles normally live.  And our insurance has run out.

“A few years ago we got a tax rebate of £600, and I thought RESULT!!  But we had to spend that on the dog we had at the time, so we haven’t had the chance to spend any windfalls on ourselves.

“Having said that we really don’t do the lottery to win it.  We just wanted to support a worthy cause. And Chestnut Tree House is certainly that.”

Chestnut Tree House uses the money raised by Lottery players to provide life-changing hospice care to local children and families.  It costs just £1 a week to play and our Lottery pays for one in every four days of hospice care services.

If you would like the chance to become our next hospice Lottery winner of £1,000 – there are 22 other weekly cash prizes to be won – join now or call our team on 01903 871842.