Niall Wingfield wins £100 in our Lottery!

Niall Wingfield did not check to see whether he had won money from the Chestnut Tree House Lottery.  He never does. He said, “the fact is that I never win anything. That’s not modesty. It just doesn’t happen. So, I never even look. I’ve been in so many draws over my life, without ever winning a thing.”

Niall, from East Preston, has been supporting the Chestnut Tree House Lottery since he retired. “We looked around at charities and this was the one that appealed the most. We lost our first child at four, through leukaemia.

“Our son did not have the benefit of a children’s hospice, though we did have a very good hospital, who were wonderful, with a very good doctor who told us the bad news straight. It’s lovely to think that now there is this facility and there are so many people out there supporting it.

“I haven’t decided what to do with this unexpected win. We may well decide to return the money to the hospice.”

The Chestnut Tree House Lottery players pay for one in every four days of hospice care services.

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