A big thank you to Anne-Marie!

Anne-Marie, an accountant from Haywards Heath, knew immediately how she was going to spend her £1,000 first prize from the Chestnut Tree House Lottery.  “I decided to buy a new carpet,” she said. “But then, within a split second, I decided to give the money back, and have returned the cheque.

“I knew I couldn’t keep the money when I thought how children could benefit from it. So I had a word with my husband and we both decided to give it back. But we’re going to carry on doing it.

“I was in Crawley when someone introduced me to Chestnut Tree House. And I just couldn’t think of a better cause. I’ve been playing the Lottery for about four years.”

The Chestnut Tree House Lottery players help change local children’s live, week after week.  It costs just £1 a week to play and our Lottery pays for one in every four days of hospice care.

Join now for your chance to become our next hospice Lottery winner of £1,000 – there are 22 other weekly cash prizes to be won.