Congratulations to Joan on her £250 win

Joan Chatwood has been involved with Chestnut Tree House for more than a dozen years.

“It had been open for only a short while when I first went round the place.  And I immediately felt that I had to do something for this wonderful organisation.  Along with some friends in Petworth I’ve visited Chestnut every year – but I’m 85 now and haven’t been for a while.”

Joan won £250 with the Chestnut Tree House Lottery, and said: “I thought it was just another letter.  But when I opened it I thought ‘Oh my God, this can’t be true!’ because I had never won anything in my life before.  I was absolutely staggered.

“I’m giving the money to my son, Tim, whose hairdressing business closed recently.  So this will help him when he starts up again.”

Chestnut Tree House Lottery players help local children with life-shortening conditions live For The Now – making precious memories at Chestnut Tree House and in families’ own homes across the region.

Play the Chestnut Tree House Lottery from just £1 a week for your chance to win £1,000 and help change local children’s lives.