How your money helps

Your support goes so far

It currently costs over £4.6 million each year to provide all of Chestnut Tree House’s care services. Yet only a small percentage of the cost of our care is funded by central government.

That means we rely on your support to make our life-changing work possible.

When you play our hospice Lottery, an amazing 61p of every £1 you give is spent directly on children’s hospice care services. In fact, our Lottery pays for one in every four days of care provided by the hospice.

The money you give will help desperately ill children and their families in so many ways.

Your support means parents and carers can take a well earned break knowing their child is having fun whilst all of their medical needs are taken care of. It means children with life-shortening conditions can just be children. Whether it’s getting messy with arts and crafts, exploring their local communities, or relaxing in the multi-sensory room, your donation helps them make the most of the short time they have.

By playing our Lottery you're helping families who know they don’t have long together can make precious memories. This might mean spending time at Chestnut Tree House as a family, enjoying speed boat rides or getting creative with a personalised activity pack. And your help means that families get to say goodbye in the way that’s right for them.

We need your help to care for local children with life-shortening conditions and their families.

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12-year-old Charlie has cerebral palsy and epilepsy, both the result of being born at 32 weeks. Chestnut Tree House has been supporting Charlie and his family for five years, helping them spend quality time together.

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