How your money helps

Your support goes so far

Every single year, it costs over £4.6 million to provide all the care services that local families need. Yet less than 9% of our funding comes from the government.

That means we rely on your support to make our life-changing work possible.

When you play our hospice Lottery, an amazing 60p of every £1 you give is spent directly on children’s hospice care services. In fact, our Lottery pays for one in every four days of care provided by the hospice.

The money you give will help desperately ill children and their families in so many ways.

£285 provides one hour of all care services from Chestnut Tree House

£150 pays for a family of four to enjoy an overnight stay in one of our Family Rooms while their child is cared for by our specially trained nurses.

£40.98 gives a child the opportunity to spend an hour swimming in our hydrotherapy pool with their family.

£35.70 pays for one hour’s nursing care for one child.

£35 enables a child to experience a magical hour in the multi-sensory room with a specially trained member of staff.

£15 buys a DVD to enable the children to enjoy the latest movies.

£10 buys a CD to enable a child to relax and enjoy some music.

£5 buys a selection of glitter pens or paints.

£4.75 pays for one minute of our care services at Chestnut Tree House.

We need your help to care for desperately ill children and their families.

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