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Posted: 26.07.2016



I am sure like me, some of you are happy that the football has finally finished. I like watching Formula 1 and Wimbledon, and will occasionally watch some of the big sporting events, such as the Olympics, on TV. I have even been known to go to a cricket match once!

However much I don’t like it though, many of the children at Chestnut Tree House absolutely love it. We always make sure we have the big matches on the TV, and all the footie fans staying at the House love to gather round and get in to the match spirit!

Recently we had a young boy staying with us who is a big football fan. He would get up bright and early in the morning, put on his kit, and make the nurses play football with him all day long.

I saw them suggest some other things he might like to do instead, but he was only ever interested in football related activities!  Eventually he let the poor nurses have a little rest, when he decided he wanted to play a football computer game, then watch a match on television!

Despite me not loving the game myself, it really was wonderful to watch him enjoying himself so much. He had a lovely time, but I’m not sure the nurses would quite agree; he really wore them all out!

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