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Posted: 10.08.2016



The Olympics have just started in Rio, and here at Chestnut Tree House everyone is very excited. To mark the occasion, we have started doing Olympic themed activities with the children. Some of the children are also glued to the TV to watch people win medals and do extraordinary things.

The Olympics includes 306 events across 28 different sports. Around 10,500 athletes from 206 countries will compete for medals over the 17 days of competition; including 136 medals for women, 161 for men, and nine mixed medals.

This is of course followed by the Paralympics which is always awe-inspiring. Over 12 days, athletes with a range of physical disabilities will compete in 23 sports, including 5-a-side football, which is adapted for athletes with visual impairments.

It reminds me of some training the team at Chestnut Tree House were doing the other day. It was all about experiencing a small part of what some of the children go through to better understand the difficulties they face every day. The staff were asked to wear blindfolds, and some were in wheelchairs being fed.  Some were even being hoisted into the bath.

For all athletes, the training that goes into that one event is immense. Much like the families who care for the children with life-shortening conditions at CTH, I am not sure how they do it.

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