The Hospice

Chestnut Tree House isn’t just about providing expert care. We go the extra mile to make a real difference in the day-to-day lives of these special families, by providing a whole range of therapeutic facilities and activities. We offer care at the children’s hospice and also in families’ own homes. We believe that our truly holistic approach to hospice care, such as respite care and care at home services, dramatically improves the lives of our sick children and their families. Your children’s charity lottery membership helps fund this.

Care in a child’s own home

Our Community Nursing Team consists of specially trained nurses and care support workers providing a vital link between families and the hospice. The Community Team has twenty staff who work all over Sussex.

They offer short break care to enable parents to take a much needed break, as well as clinical nursing care, end of life care, emotional support and bereavement support.

Play and Creative Arts Therapy


Right from birth, children use play to express themselves and develop an understanding of the world around them. Our therapist builds a safe and trusting relationship with a child, gently guiding them to think through difficult feelings, whatever their age or ability. It’s so important to show a child that they’re understood and not alone; our therapist works to do this, and in turn boosts their self-confidence, helping them develop coping mechanisms for life.

Computer and Music Rooms


So many kids enjoy modern technology, and we understand how important it is to help young people with life-limiting illnesses enjoy normal lives. We have a room fully equipped with computers, Playstations, TVs and DVD players, for the film and tech-lovers among us.

We also have a music room designed for everyone to enjoy; there are multiple instruments available to play, and a CD player set up for anyone who fancies listening to their favourite band. A number of local music groups regularly visit Chestnut Tree House to provide fun sessions for groups of our children.

Multi-Sensory Room


This room really is sensational! Designed to stimulate all five senses, the bubbles, tubes, sound, fibre optics, a waterbed and tactile toys make this a safe, calm environment to be appreciated by all. Experiencing the various lights, sounds and textures in this room really helps children and young adults to relax and enjoy the moment.

Hydrotherapy Pool

Samantha May, Laurie Biegstraaten, Fleur Harman and Jane Wilkinson
Swimming sessions in our hydrotherapy pool are relaxing as well as beneficial as a form of pain relief. Sessions are available either for families, or for a child or young person with a care team member.

Bereavement support and counselling

As well as end of life care, we also offer support for a child’s family after death.

Chestnut Tree House has a special suite for the family, with a private room where the child or young person who has died may rest in cooled conditions until the time of the funeral.

We also offer pre and post bereavement counselling to help families at this most difficult time in their lives. We are currently working with over 90 bereaved families.

There is more detailed information about Chestnut Tree House’s care services on our main website, please follow this link: