The Strategy

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Posted: 20.07.2016



A small group of trustees met regularly for 6 months to review everything that happens at Chestnut Tree House, to review what works well, what could be improved upon, and how we react to the changing external environment and increasing needs of the children.

Then, back in April, all of the trustees got together to agree on the way forward. How we cope with the increasing numbers of referrals and numbers of children’s deaths the house is dealing with.

We are currently agreeing all of the final details and will be ready to share them after the summer holidays. Some things are working well and will remain the same, but some things will need to change.

Our therapy team has been very busy and we need to make some more space for them to do their very valuable work. More children are attending the house for day care, so more space is needed for their care and activities. The plans are very exciting and, as always, the families are the centre to all that we do.

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