The Summer Holidays

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Posted: 03.08.2016



Well here it is again, a long six weeks of no school. For a lot of families a summer holiday is planned, but for many of the families that Chestnut Tree House cares for, this is very difficult or even impossible.

There are so many considerations to take into account: What happens if my child gets ill? Will there be a suitable bed available? Is there a ramp for the wheelchair? These are just a small number of the many things that have to be thought about when planning a trip if you have a child with a life-shortening condition.

As you can imagine it is no easy task. And even if a holiday is not booked, then you still have to provide all of the care required for your child 24/7 without school helping out for a few hours each day.

That is why many families book their summer holiday at Chestnut Tree House.  The children are cared for by a team of dedicated nurses and healthcare support workers, so the rest of the family have the opportunity to relax.

Some choose to stay at the house and enjoy all the great facilities we have here, while some go out and about or make use our beach hut on sunny days.  Some families leave their precious children in our care whilst they take the rest of the family away, safe in the knowledge that Chestnut Tree House provides the best care possible.

Whatever our families choose to do, we are glad we are here to enable them to do so. To be able to be a family, for siblings to be children, and not carers. To have treasured family time together.

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